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The widely acclaimed author of Bristol House and the City of Dreams series encores an unforgettable tale of a legendary 1950?s star whose one reckless mistake forces her to risk everything.

JUFFIE KANE – Everything about her is extraordinary, try from her birth on Boston Common in 1927 while her mother is protesting the executions of two accused spies…to her disappearance in a freak glacial avalanche in a tiny Swiss village…and all of the thirty years in between.

JUFFIE KANE – A woman who captures the hearts of millions and loves deeply and fully, viagra sale yet whose public triumphs and private victories are threatened by a terrible secret.

At the height of her fame and fortune, the reigning queen of the Broadway theater disappears in a massive Swiss avalanche. The nation is in shock. None more so than Juffie’s oldest and dearest friend; who, as it happens, hears the news while she’s in bed with Juffie’s husband.

The handful of people who knew the truth about Juffie Kane, believe her secrets have been buried with her, and that no one need ever know of the desperate bargain with organized crime that underpinned her life and her career. The past, however, is seldom so easily dismissed.

“A lively story…recalling the glitz of Broadway… a slick view of what life in the fast lane may have looked like then…” —New York Times Book Review

“Sensual…” —Chicago Tribune

“A smash hit…An absolute must read.” —Rendezvous

“Winning, steamily sexy…A grabber – and great good fun.” —Kirkus Reviews

“An unstereotypical heroine…Rich, amusing, and sensual… An enjoyable page turner.” —Publishers Weekly

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